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Agustin Lebron 

Agustin Lebron started his career as an engineer. He then transitioned to a career as a quant trader and researcher on Wall Street and in London England. He has held leadership roles managing diverse high-performance teams, and conducts training courses for companies looking to improve their tech hiring and management. His recent book The Laws Of Trading teaches readers how to use trading and finance concepts to improve their decision-making.

Paul Johnson  

Paul started a career in software engineering in 1999 at Qualcomm Inc. In his 20 years of experience, he has worked from an individual contributor to a senior director overseeing a worldwide team of hundreds of engineers. Paul has experienced the entire tech company lifecycle: from the super fast growth of a young team to the challenges of downsizing and financial pressure. He offers this perspective to his clients and helps them navigate every stage.  

In This Video Training Series You’ll Discover What You Really Need To Run A World-Class Tech Organization

Better Process

Learn the three key pillars of a good review process. Learn why review time is actually the worst time to give feedback. Learn techniques and processes to create a feedback-rich company culture. Keep your tech group running efficiently and growing with these battle-tested ideas and approaches. 

Tech Management Simplified

Technical management isn't easy. You need a credible process that engages people, and you need to create a culture of self-improvement. From feedback strategies to dealing with low performers, this series will teach you the ins and outs of effective tech management. Plus how to identify and train great new technical managers.

Credibly Delivered

We have decades of experience creating, running, and scaling high-performance tech teams. We've run groups ranging from a couple of engineers all the way to many hundreds of contributors across multiple continents. Learn the pitfalls, and the strategies to avoid them!